Yang Hongjun went to Huaihai Pangyuan and Wanbei Pangyuan to investigate and guide the work
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In order to further understand the operation situation of various units of the company in the second half of the year, from November 4 to 6, Yang Hongjun, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., went to Huaihai Pangyuan in Xuzhou and Wanbei Pangyuan in Anhui to investigate and guide the work.

In Xuzhou Pangyuan, Yang Hongjun highly affirmed the hard work of all employees. He pointed out that Xuzhou Pangyuan, as a new company shortly established, should have a new atmosphere and new actions in the work. In the face of the current economic downturn and the downward situation of the industry, it is necessary to continue to strengthen the "Five Unifications" management, optimize team building, and create and enhance brand influence. It is necessary to unite the team strength with culture and give play to the core competitiveness of the brand. It is necessary to integrate the individual into the group and gather the strong force of doing business. We should give full play to our own advantages and capabilities, regulate behavior, emancipate our minds, properly address objective and subjective factors, and flexibly respond to market changes. It is necessary to further develop the stock market, dig deep into the variable market, and increase the market share. He encouraged everyone to firm confidence, and overcome difficulties together. Employees should make full use of the advantages of the joint-stock company platform, be brave to fight hard, and add luster to the subsequent development of East China region.

In Wanbei Pangyuan, Yang Hongjun analyzed the difficulties faced by enterprises in the current market downturn in detail , hoping that northern Anhui Pangyuan can base itself on the market, regulate management, put down the "burden", light up the battle, give full play to personal initiative, face the difficulties, and play a good ideological preparation for continuing to receive orders. Wanbei Pangyuan should strengthen cost control, and do a good job of annual payment collection according to the collection arrangement of the headquarters. Wanbei Pangyuan should strengthen communication and exchange with other brother companies, learn from each other, gather strength against the trend, and seek better development in the coming year. Wanbei Pangyuan should rely on the advantages of the joint-stock company and Pangyuan leasing brand, constantly improve the core competitiveness and influence, and strive to sprint the annual target task.


In the investigation, the relevant responsible persons in charge of Xuzhou Pangyuan, Anhui Pangyuan, Changzhou Pangyuan and Wanbei Pangyuan made work reports respectively.