Yang Hongjun went to Hubei Pangyuan Huangpi Qianchuan Base to investigate and guide the work
Release Time:2023-08-24      Author:Shen Jing, Yang Yanni      Pageviews:1478


On August 23, Yang Hongjun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SCMC), and entourage went to Hubei Pangyuan Huangpi Qianchuan Base for inspection and investigation. Feng Chao, Deputy General Manager and Secretary of the Party Committee of Pang Yuan Rental, Geng Hongbin, Deputy General Manager and General Manager of Pang Yuan Rental, and Xi Peng, Deputy General Manager accompanied the investigation.

      After listening to the work report of each branch line in Hubei Pangyuan, Yang Hongjun pointed out that the "manufacturing + rental service + remanufacturing" of the joint-stock company is the industrial chain layout at the forefront of the industry and even the world. All manufacturing bases must adhere to a blueprint to the end from planning, design, installation, commissioning and other links. Yang Hongjun required to go all out to ensure the quality of construction, and complete the construction task on schedule. He pointed out that Hubei Pangyuan should focus on "remanufacturing", effectively solve the difficulties of the industry with low equipment utilization, and continuously strengthen the full life cycle management of tower cranes. He encouraged the young members to take the initiative to fulfill their responsibilities and take the lead role. In response to the current unfavorable environment of low unit price of equipment rental and sluggish rental market, the management team should carry forward the wolf cultural spirit of daring to rush and dare to break in, spare no effort and go all out to seize opportunities and expand market share.

     Regarding the operation and management of Hubei Pangyuan, he emphasized that first, use the existing stock to stabilize the basic market of listed companies, give full play to the advantages of the Hubei Delta region, strengthen communication and connections, and do a good job in serving old customers; The second is to make full use of market means, use sincerity and wisdom, do everything personally, persevere, dig deep into market potential customers, and reach cooperation intentions; The third is to rely on the strong backing of the joint stock company and Pang Yuan headquarters, make full use of the platform resources of listed companies, further emancipate the mind, and expand their own living space.


        At the meeting, Hu Qingyun, General Manager of Hubei Pangyuan, Fu Houjun, Executive Deputy General Manager, Li Gaofeng, Deputy General Manager and others made work reports respectively.